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Oncology Drugs
Oncology Drug is the medical department, which particularly studies different sorts of cancers and provide medicines such as our oncology drugs. Each drug is formulated to treat or reduce the specific cancer either at beginning stage or further stage. These  Oncology Drug inhibit the cancerous cell to reproduce at elevated rate from a single cell; in addition, it additionally prevents the cancer to grow further in other body parts.
Anticancer Medicines
Our Anticancer Medicines, likewise called anti neoplastic medication, any medication that is useful in the treatment of cancerous or malignant disease. There are some noteworthy groups of anticancer medications; these incorporate hormones, natural products, anti metabolites and alkylating agents. The choice to utilize a specific medication relies upon many variables, comprising the area and sort of the malignancy, its seriousness, regardless of radiation treatment or surgery ought or can be deployed, and the symptoms related with the medication.
Speciality Drugs
Our Speciality Pharmacy Drugs are a current assignment of pharmaceuticals that are delegated high-touch, high complexity or/and high cost. These drugs are frequently biologics- drugs obtained from living cells, which are infused or injectable (albeit several are oral medicines). They are deployed to treat rare or complex interminable conditions, for example, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, HIV, hemophilia and psoriasis.
Hygeia Drugs
To treat chronic fungal infections, our Hygeia Drugs are prescribed by the doctors either in capsule or injection form. In affected cells, our drugs destroy fungus successfully without consuming much time. They additionally work as beneficial solution for skin infection, bacterial infection and tuberculosis by grading protein synthesis bacteria process.
Generic Drugs
Not everybody can afford expensive drugs to treat their particular ailments. Hence, our company highlights Generic Drugs that have mechanism similar to brand name drugs such as Ranbaxy, Cipla and more. The composition of our drugs is same as brand name drugs, which means, our drugs are as beneficial as branded drugs and alternatively, have similar benefits and risks.
Antifungal Drugs
Our Antifungal Drugs is a fungi static or pharmaceutical fungicide exercised to prevent and treat mycoses, for example, athlete’s foot, thrush (candidiasis), ringworm, grave systemic infections, for example, cryptococcal meningitis and more. Offered drugs are normally recommended by any health care specialist’s prescription, however some are accessible over-the-counter. Our Antifungal Drugs functions by differentiating between fungal and mammalian cells to destroy the parasitic living being with less unfavorable impacts to the host.

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